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Walgreen’s next big step


When you get sick, go see a doctor, and if the doctor does prescribe a prescription for you, your next visit will either be Walgreen’s or another pharmacy, there is no one else. Walgreen’s is one stop pharmacy with up to date prescription drugs and over the counter drug’s.

Their pharmacists are top notch and know how to handle all kinds of patient issues. But now Walgreen’s is taking a bigger step, they will slowly experimenting with selling groceries, wider selection of make up, sushi bars, and range of other things. Walgreen is one up and coming retail store that will be all in one stop that you can get anything. Walgreen’s ultimate goal just might be what Walmart already is, Walmart’s around the country have pharmacies within their retail shop and of course Walgreen’s wants a piece of that pie. I personally think it could work, and I suggest you keep a close eye on Walgreen’s if that is your favorite place to shop. As the months ago by, you will see some drastic changes to make your shopping experience a broader one at your one and only pharmacy.

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