Common sense does it in all business

Most employees and employer’s follow the company rules to the bone. Some rules are just there to safe guard the employees and the employer’s from lawsuit’s and other serious incidents. Other rules that the company has in store can actually ruin your business, loss of customer’s and lose of revenue for your store.

What you don’t realize is too many rules can make you lose current customers and stop you from gaining potential customers. What you don’t realize is using your common sense when there is a incident that requires more of a common sense approach versus looking at the rule book for advice. If you haven’t seen the news, you should, most retailers are getting sued for following the rules that are put there my companies and they are paying the price for it. Certain actions that you put forward might require you to use your brain than just looking at the rules, it can help you in the long run then the short run. Don’t ever question things that makes sense, sometimes you should follow your own common sense.