Who is shaving now days?

Don’t shave is the new style, more and more retail companies are letting man grow out their thicker facial hair and they are ok with it. According to the article by business week, sales of blades are slowly going down as more and more men don’t need to shave. If you haven’t noticed, there are more and more commercials with different kinds of razor blade’s coming to the markets.

Even when I am going shopping for razor blades, the different types of razor blades are interesting to see. The prices of blades have gone up, Gillette is the majority of the market holder with different variety of blades. I personally just get the regular Gillette blade, they do just fine, I don’t really need to spend huge amount of money with fusion blades and others especially when you are on the budget. Hopefully there will be a drop in price for blades, as many retail companies are OK with hairy face’s at work!