Washington post bought by jeff bezos

If you haven’t heard of Jeff Bezos that’s ok, if you haven’t heard of Amazon.com, then you must be living in a different warp zone. Jeff Bezos is the CEO and the owner of Amazon.com and now he has proud owner of major well known newspaper Washington Post newspaper. This is a deal that is making major waves in both digital age and the paper age. No one would think Jeff Bezos would be interested in a newspaper company, but who knows what Jeff Bezos has up his sleeve.

Jeff Bezos most likely will make Washington Post a private company, that mean’s he doesn’t have to tell anyone what he makes of the newspaper. Washington Post for a while was looking for a buyer to buy the company off after it was struggling in the digital age. But the new buyer is one buyer I would definitely sell my company if I had one. Congrats to Washington Post!