Bank of America Travel Reward Credit Card

Are you busy planning your next holiday? Perfect! Claim your Bank of America Travel Reward Credit Card and elevate your holiday experience to the next level. Through the Bank of America travel reward credit card, you shall b able to enjoy multiple benefits for yourself and for your family members too, putting less stress on your travel expenses. It brings you online bonus points of 25,000 amounting to $250 and for that, you shall not have to pay any annual charges+. In addition to that, even your foreign transaction shall be exempted too.

Details about the card

For every $1 purchase that you make anywhere, each time, you shall earn unlimited 1.5 points. Your points shall not get expired as well. You surely can enjoy reaping the benefits for a long time.

Low introductory offers on APR

This feature brings you a new offer wherein there shall be a 0%+ APR intro on the billing cycle of your first 18 purchases. This same also applies to all the balance transfers that have been made within the first 60 days of this account. At the end of the intro APR offer, a variable APR which presently is 16.99 % to 26.99% shall be applied to it. For all the balance transfers a fee of 3% which amounts to a minimum of $10 shall be applicable.

More rewards

In the case of preferred rewards, members shall be able to earn from 25% to 75% more of the points along with every purchase they make. This sums up that your points earned can be from 1.87 to 2.62 points on each $1 that you spend each time and everywhere as well.

Rates of interest and Summary of fees+

For the introductory APR offer, you are being charged 0% on your first 18 cycles of billing. This applies to purchases and balance transfers within the first 60 days of starting the account. And then it brings a standard APR variable between 16.99% to 26.99%. here too you shall not be charged any annual fee as well. And then finally a balance transfer fee of 3% shall be applied for every transaction+ on a minimum of $10. It is also important that you go through the terms and conditions (which are subject to change) before you choose.

There is an option for rewards as well which shall earn you 1.5 points on each purchase or expenditure of $1 you make every time everywhere.

Security and Features

It is surely a secured medium that shall keep you notified immediately upon sensing any fraudulent activity and also shall take the needed steps to prevent it too. The balance connect feature shall protect your overdraft. There is an option for the digital wallet too for easier transactions. Furthermore, there are features for contactless chip technology, account alerts, online and mobile banking, an option for paperless statements, and FICO sore as well that you can take advantage of. Certainly, the Bank of America Travel Reward Credit Card is a very beneficial and secure option that you can choose to take up. You can get to learn more about its details by visiting the website.

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