Wal-Mart Concerned Over Customer Injuries

The news has just broken that a Keyser woman is taking Wal-Mart to court for injuries sustained at one of their stores. It is reported the lady is just one of many people who trip and fall on their premises each and every year. With that in mind, the US management team have now swung into action with a plan for the future. They say the business shouldn’t continue to overlook such a serious issue. That is especially the case when Wal-Mart bosses have to hand out compensation. Here are just some of the changes they might put in place to stop accidents from happening in the future. Other retailers could benefit from this information.

An investment in better cleaning tools

Many of the accidents reported at retail stores in 2015 were blamed on poor cleaning routines. Considering that, the management should invest in lots of extra tools for their workforce. The best floor sweepers at Sweepscrub.com/ could provide advantages for any retail business. It’s also worth making an investment in better mops and floor drying equipment. Staff members will then understand that using the right tools can make a big difference. With a bit of luck, customers shouldn’t injure themselves quite as often when the floors are spick and span.

More in-store CCTV

We can’t ignore that some people will try to make fraudulent injury claims. Retailers can stop that from happening in 2016 with the use of more CCTV. Placing Plug-n-Play security cameras in every corner of a store should mean owners always have accidents on film. It’s a great advantage for company lawyers because it makes injury cases much easier to handle. It should be clear if a customer is telling the truth after looking at the video evidence. So, all retail bosses can stamp any fraudulent claims out without paying huge legal fees.

Improved warning signs

There is no getting away from the fact that situations will arise where staff members have to leave a wet floor. Accidents are more likely to happen during those instances. That is why retailers often spend a lot of money on improved warning signs. Staff members are required to place them around the affected areas to ensure customers stay safe. People who slip or fall after ignoring a warning sign will struggle to get a decent level of compensation. So, the company won’t have to worry about emptying their accounts.

As you can see, retailers have to work hard to improve the situation with regards to injuries. Customers don’t want to fall over and break their ankle during a shopping trip. Likewise, the business owners have no desire to lose their money. It is hoped other retailers will take notice of this advice and improve the shopping experience for their customers. At the end of the day, accidents will always happen. However, you can limit their impact one any business by being a little more careful. With a bit of luck, all retailers will soon take heed. We can’t wait to see how these alterations could affect the number of personal injuries in their stores next year.

Mike Kalasnik