How to turn it around on a career set back

If you are going through a career malfunction at work, or just getting hit with negativity that is hurting you mentally, I suggest you do the same thing that you always do. Get to work, work hard and keep pounding away at your work, it may be hard, but that’s the only way you will get through it. Unless you do what I would do, start looking for another job immediately and keep working and thinking positive. If you are not happy at your job and not appreciated, it is time to move on and time to think about the career path you are taking. You might have to move to another city, drive farther, or just look for work within your city, whatever you do, you have to start thinking ahead to move ahead versus just staying idle and taking the hits.
Of course you can go back to school and refine your education, but you have the time and the funds working towards you, you can do that and also start looking for another job.