Companies Hiring For Christmas 2015

If you want or need more money for holiday gifts large chain stores are hiring now. Large companies hiring workers may do so by adding you to their permanent rolls, others just need you to cover these critical weeks before and after the Christmas holiday. Whether you desire to work full time or for this holiday season, work is available.

Macys, Target, The Gap, Toys R Us and Tuesday Morning are a few of the companies that need the extra hands and energy in their stores throughout this country. These and other employers need the help right now. Additional retailers who need help are Bloomingdales, Goodwill Industries, Kohl’s and others. Additional retail industries in customer service, hotel and hospitality, maintenance and janitorial and warehouse and production.

According to a survey conducted by Career Builders over 2,300 human resource professionals at these large companies plan to increase their hiring by over twenty six percent this year. Thirty-Three percent of the respondents say they will hire more workers. Ten percent of this number includes information technology workers while fifteen percent say they will hire accounting and finance workers. Shipping and delivery will hire approximately sixteen percent, while restaurants, entertainment industries and retail stores will hire employees for hosting and greeting customers. Not surprising customer service positions will hire forty-six percent of the workers during this holiday season and clerical support makes up twenty-three percent during this time.

There’s good news for forty seven percent of those hired. The companies mentioned and more plan to hire this newly hired group of employees permanently after the holidays. This is an increase from forty-two percent over last year.

Most workers understand the salaries are not huge, but these jobs will supplement the costs of gifts, travel vacations or savings for workers. Some employers promise they will pay seasonal workers any city or state wage increase. The average seasonal pay according to Careerbuilder’s is ten dollars an hour while nineteen percent of the hired workers will receive sixteen dollars or more during this holiday season.
Some companies such as Amazon, FedeX and UPS don’t show up on Indeed, a search engine for jobs lists. According to Alex Ortolani the companies don’t show up “because they announce single listings for multiple jobs.” These large companies have hired in the tens of thousands in the past 3-6 months. For instance, Amazon is hiring twenty-five percent more people in the warehouse and as order fillers than last year.

Christmas is not far away if you want to make extra money there is still time left. You can accomplish your monetary goals. Research the best place for you and start applying.