How will retail be in 2014 ?

The era of the big box is coming to a close. There are several cheaper and more convenient methods for consumers of all types. The overhead of a large store is simply becoming too heavy to maintain in comparison to revenue. Small ma-and-pa shops are beginning to organically spring forward because of this even despite the thriving e-commerce market. Landlords are noticing this trend as well and have become much more willing to work with local entrepreneurs, both veteran and green. In the early 2000s this began to take shape and the trend is not losing any momentum.

In 2014 this will be no different and may even show a stronger lean toward web-based market and commerce, especially with the unveiling of Amazon’s “Prime Air” program which involves drones delivering packages directly to the doors of customers. Undoubtedly if successful, others will begin following in it’s wake. That is a little farther off, however. This year, all signs point to a very positive small store retail market.