Target and the credit card fiasco

Large retailers should consider beefing up their security for credit and debit card transactions. Since they are holding some of your data in their databases they should be obligated to protect it. Many retail outlets leave security to chance and that seems to be what happened with the conundrum over the Holidays with Target.

One way to make sure you are not a victim of credit card scam is by using prepaid credit cards. If your card number is stolen or compromised you won’t need to worry about other accounts the card is tied to or any of your personal information being compromised.
At this time most Credit or Debit cards don’t make consumers responsible for fraudulent charges but with the amount of fraud taking place in recent years the writing is on the wall. Banks are not in business to lose money and will find a way to pass the loss back to consumers.
Businesses are going to have to step up their security efforts to protect their customer’s private data. This will end up being played out in the court system with lawsuits already being filed against Target. It is hard to bring a lawsuit against a hacker unless they are caught.