Florida School Shotting victims and Gun Control

As the whole world mourns the loss of 17 victims killed by a former student of that high school, there are reactions from politicians and Hollywood celebs on what will be the aftermath of this horrible shooting. As President Trump gave his speech regarding the news of the shooting, we have all seen what happens after a few days of shooting.
People remember, forget and move on with their lives as nothing has happened. Then we there is another mass shooting and we go back to what would have prevented such a mass shooting.
The gun laws in this country will change or stay the same, that is the question everyone is asking after this shooting. Will the Government take a chance and look at the gun laws or will it look at it and wont do anything about it? Will it finally start serious conversations about semi automatic rifles and dangerously powerful rifle scopes, and why they need to be banned in this country or will it change some laws and keep others as is. It is a open ended question that will maybe never have an end.