Amazon Prime Rewards Card offers 5% back on purchases

As Walmart told stock holders their online sales has slowed down this quarter compared to last quarter, their stocks fell 10% as Amazon continues its trend of being the ultimate online giant.
Even worse, Amazon just announced more Amazon Prime benefits of owning your Amazon credit card with 5% back if you are a prime member and 3% back on all shopping at Whole Foods if you have a amazon credit card backed by Chase. As well as 2% back at restaurants, and 1% back on all other purchases if you use the Amazon credit card.
There is already much panic in the grocery sector as more and more grocery chains are closing up shops or filing Chapter 11 as Amazon takes a stronger grip in the grocery field.
As Amazon goes full throttle against retail giants big as Walmart, either you continue to strive to do your best or end up like old news Borders book store who did not respond as fast as they could when Amazon was only a online book store.