Whose shopping on their mobile?

The answer is who isn’t? Mobile is the new wave that is taking over all the outlets. From Facebook to online shopping, to your health needs to your appointments, mobile is the future and its only getting better. I use my mobile for all my need’s, most retail shoppers use

this while they are at work, at home, taking care of their kids, and various many other activities that they are doing. Some say, this is not healthy, rather than shopping via their mobiles, they should enjoy going to the retail stores and enjoy the real shopping. Now for some time strapped consumers who are way too busy to go shopping, mobile has provided all the tools needed to shop. Most retailers have mobile applications for easier browsing so the consumers get order easier in time efficient way possible. Online retailers get many benefits, first the retail consumers don’t get frustrated surfing the site via their mobile, and process their order quickly and confidently.