Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking with many opting for cool, sleek designs and on-the-go convenience. Whether you prefer e-cigarettes, rba, or rda mods, old-fashioned cigarettes have been shoved aside in terms of preference.
Vaping is unfairly categorized in the same vein as other addictive substances because many vape juices contain nicotine. With vaping, you are able to get your “fix” of nicotine, and simultaneously regulate & reduce the amount of nicotine you’re consuming. According, nicotine addiction is much easier to regulate and improve by replacing a smoking habit with vaping.
Vaping is also the cheaper and environmentally-friendly alternative that leaves behind no residue. Vaping also affords a host of other benefits like:

1) It can keep a sweet tooth in check

Are you struggling with weight gain? If you can’t seem to keep your hands off of those irresistible midnight snacks, vaping might prove beneficial. Vaping a sweet or fruity flavor, may ease cravings and keep you from heading back to the fridge.
There are a plethora of e-juice varieties to choose from so you can switch things up a bit if you get a little bored. You can mix flavors to achieve a range of notes in one vaping experience. From dessert to coffee, and fruit flavorings, there are countless options that may keep a sweet tooth at bay. Vaping affords the perfect solution to manage cravings thereby ensuring you avoid putting on unwanted weight.

2) Vaping is an alternative to smoking

People can become addicted to nicotine, although recent research may dispute this. Someone going through nicotine withdrawals may experience physical and emotional pain, irritability, restlessness, chronic anxiety, weight gain, and even depression. Thus, it takes incredible willpower to quit smoking and it will still be very, very challenging.
Ordinary cigarettes tend to contain a lot more of the chemical compounds that actually cause addiction and other health complications. Due to the presence of those carcinogens, cigarette smoking is highly addictive and hard to quit.
Nicholas King from Smoketastic, modest cessation is possible through the use of electronic cigarettes. In fact, there are e-juice varieties with no nicotine whatsoever thereby making it a nice way to lay off cigarettes while still getting a fix of sorts. This affords the simple pleasures of regular smoking, but with less risk of becoming addicted or experiencing health complications.