4 EAM Software Benefits That Go Beyond the Bottom-Line

4 EAM Software Benefits That Go Beyond the Bottom-Line

EAM Software is significantly easing the pressure on organizations that are struggling to ensure operations remain eco-friendly, safe, compliant and successful. Enterprise asset management has evolved from a glorified approach to a resourceful tool that mitigates the risk profile of vital assets, ensures employee safety, enhances responsiveness, boosts productivity and improves collaboration.

Businesses looking for benefits that go beyond profits can deploy EAM software and enjoy an edge in the following 4 areas:

Optimized Asset Lifecycle
EAM software not only streamlines daily workflow and asset management but also extends the service life of assets and reduces repair costs while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing ROI. Deploying new assets takes up a lot of time, effort and resources – from decommissioning old assets to installing new ones. The Help Desk Software is designed to address the entire service of vital infrastructure assets from designing to decommissioning and everything in between. From tracking the expenses and employee performance to monitoring costs and specification alternations, the EAM software accurately captures every minute detail. A multi-phase view of assets and inventory across locations in a single database facilitates a nuanced approach to financial decisions governing maintenance, repairs and replacements. When every mission-critical piece of information is captured in a centralized, easy-to-access system, it brings transparency and accountability to asset management, making it all the more efficient and effective.

Reduced Environmental Footprint
As major corporations continue to pressurize their trading partners on complying with environmental mandates through green supply chain requirements, many companies and institutions including IBM and Walmart alongside federal governments are now asking their suppliers to take steps for reducing their environmental impact as a way to polish their own green credentials.

Meeting the go-green demands of regulatory authorities and customers is downright daunting. EAM Software captures the carbon footprint of every product by documenting the impact of parts off the materials bill and combines it with the carbon footprint of the finished assembly. This is useful in compliance audits that check the chemical composition of products.

The well-integrated functionalities of EAM software automate and document best industry practices like the use of gaskets for limiting the emission of hazardous greenhouse gases. An advanced EAM system also uses GIS technology to record inspection and maintenance locations and generates accurate reports on work performed – all of which go a long way in establishing green credentials.

Improved Regulatory Compliance
Compliance is a growing concern in every industry, especially the food and beverage industry where a single mishap can cause serious harm to consumer health and invite a heavy penalty. This is why the food and beverage industry rolls out various employee trainings every year to ensure they have all the skills necessary to meet floor requirements without causing any damage or delays. EAM software ensures critical maintenance gets completed between batches without any delay and every detail is documented in real-time so facilities remain ready for audits round the clock.

Efficient Field Service Management
Asset-intensive organizations house multiple assets that are spread across locations and their customer experience hinges on timely service of these assets. In such situations, the EAM software ensures that skilled technicians are present on site at the right time and have easy access to the right parts so that maintenance and repairs can be executed on time in an efficient manner.

Similarly, the utilities industry can also leverage the powerful features of enterprise asset management software to automate the maintenance of distributed assets including pipes, sewers and meters. Enterprise asset management software significantly reduces the possibility of equipment failures and associated downtime by ensuring maintenance is performed as planned. When all the inspections schedules are organized well in advance, none of the preventive maintenance tasks are pending and all the installations are executed on time, the chances of any damage to stakeholder perceptions or heavy penalties are extremely low. The real-time scheduling capabilities of EAM software, empowers organizations to save as much as $3 million in fuel costs while reducing their carbon footprint.

The impact of EAM software far exceeds bottom line benefits with asset capabilities that accurately process data and offer a 360-degree view of assets from designing to deployment to decommissioning. This chain reaction has far-reaching effects on asset performance, employee safety, operational efficiency and the environment, ultimately making business processes safer, faster, eco-friendly and most importantly, compliant.

Author Bio:
Lindsey Walker is the marketing manager for NEXGEN Asset Management. She specializes in business development, project management and asset management. She loves to read and the books in her library are her prized possessions. Her passion for writing allows her to find time from her busy work schedule to share her knowledge on asset management, geographic information systems (GIS), and similar topics. She has been featured in a variety of leading publications in the past such as Cerasis, SelectHub, Capterra and many others. To learn more about EAM and CMMS solutions visit NEXGENAM