How are your habits?

Habit’s is one the most important things most people don’t think about when they are doing their daily grind. How are your habits during the day? Are you following up on the things you were going to do? If not, why not? Are your habits falling apart? What are the things you hate doing? What makes you lazy? Are you not going the extra mile that you should be going? What can make you fail? Are you getting lazy on the things you were supposed to do today? Are you falling off the bandwagon, what will make you get back up? Is it some motivation? Is it a self-talk? All these questions you must ask yourself.
What I recommend is watching and reading books and videos about Habits. What are the qualities that you must work on that can help you get out your laziness. There are plenty of books on Amazon and free videos on you tube that teaches you how to work on improving yourself that you stop and change for the better. Only you can change your habit.