Equifax data breach horror


As the Equifax data breach uproar continues with multiple lawsuits from multiple states, the Equifax CEO and other Equifax attidudes towards what has happen is more pointing fingers at each other with complete disregard of taking ownership of the lack luster job they have done protecting the consumers of the onslaught that will come in the coming months with massive breach of personal information that has yet to come

What is Equifax?
Equifax is a company is a credit reporting agency that many financial companies used to verify if you have good credit. They have all our information including social security number and other personal information that can be used against you, especially through the availability of easily finding personal information by reverse phone number search.
What can you do?
Equifax is giving free complimentary identity theft protection and credit file montering to every affected by this large scale breach.

How did it happen?
Equifax states its due to some update that was never fixed, changed, or whatever excuse they can come up with. With multi billion dollar lawsuits coming their way, One thing that has been learned is lack of leadership on their side will cost them heavily as they try to crawl back from the ditch they have created

Protect yourself
I suggest everyone who hasn’t signed up for complimentary protection to do it soon, just in case you information does leak out there. It will help protect your credit which is needed when you go buy or rent or need finance for a car loan , home loan, or any other loan that you are after. Protect your self as companies these days are lacking in that department.

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