Las Vegas Shooting Massacre

As the world mourns the loss of all the victims killed by a lone gunman. The questions begin who the gunman was? His name was Stephen Paddock , with no criminal background who in one single night destroyed the lives of many by a cowardly act. The federal and local law enforcement are now gathering the pieces to find out what triggered this man with no gang ties or any violent background to do such a violent act that has left a heart breaking in this country. With 59 confirmed dead and 527 injured, the story now begins to piece it all together.
Las Vegas is a city where all kinds of tourists as well as locals go to enjoy the night life. Everyone came to see a open air music festival on Sunday evening, but the sounds of automatic rifle changed it into a nightmare.

Authorities found 16 guns in Stephen Paddocks hotel room, Democratic leaders including Nancy Pelosi and Gabrielle Giffords are asking for tougher gun laws as this deadly attack confirms that more restricted laws are required to prevent these kind of deadly shootings. However, it is the Las Vegas Strip massacre that makes experts question whether metal detectors are now considered mandatory in hotels in the future find out more.

Tougher gun laws?
As the world mourns the loss of the 59 victims and the wounded, Gun laws will again be in the center of the attention. The Gun laws will be revisited as the families of victims have just started the horrible truth about their loved ones.

Many blood donors are already lining up to donate blood as injured will need all the help they can get to cope with this horrible chaos that has come in their life.