Wells Fargo Student Credit Card

Build Up Early Credits

Usually, credit cards are not offered to students until they get a full-time secure job. But with the Wells Fargo Student Credit Card, you can build up your credit score early. But Well Fargo offers credit cards to responsible students who can manage their money well and build up a fancy credit score.

Make timely payments as it will reflect on your credit score. Your payment history will be reported to the respective departments by the credit card issuer.


As a student, you will find the Well Fargo Student Credit Card a useful asset. You will receive a cash back of 3% on purchases you make at grocery, gas, and drugstore. You will also earn 1% cash back on every other purchase you make using this credit card.

There is no limit to the cashback rewards for students. This will help you earn rewards along with build up your credit score.

Zero APR On Emergencies

Carrying a balance on a credit card is not a good idea as it not only damage the credit score but takes additional interests to repay it. But the Well Fargo Student Credit Card will allow you to carry a balance with 0% APR in rare situations in the first six months after opening a new account.

But make sure to pay off the pending balance before the due date because unless in emergencies, you will be charged another 3% APR for the initial six months. After that, the APR will be increased to 5% on any pending balance.

Lifetime Free Credit Card

There is no annual fee for student credit cards with Well Fargo. This will hugely help students as there are no additional hidden charges. In other words, you will get a lifetime free student credit card with Well Fargo.

Other Important Things

You should have already created a Wells Fargo online account, and you should be eligible to get a student credit card. This credit card comes with other compliments, such as cellphone insurance. In case someone steals your phone or accidentally damages it, you will receive $600 in coverage.

It is not recommendable to use the Well Fargo Student credit card to make purchases or transactions overseas. An additional 3% foreign transaction fee will be deducted from your account.

Redeem Your Rewards

Wells Fargo Student credit card’s cash rewards are worth 1 cent. You can’t redeem each reward individually. You can only redeem them after the accumulated rewards are worth more than $25. You can receive the rewards in your account or can request to mail a check to your address.

Who Can Buy This Card?

Students who are responsible and smart about their money can go for Well Fargo Student Credit Card. This credit card offers multiple cashback rewards and offers zero annual fees. This eliminates the need to pay to maintain the credit card and helps them earn some additional cash.

It is also great for students who want to buy a new phone but are worried about them getting stolen or damaged, as your phone will be insured for up to $1200 in a fiscal year.