Like Ford Auto? Get the credit card!

The Ford Rewards credit card is the go-to choice of many people. But is this Ford credit card worth your time and money? Let’s find out.

Ford Rewards Credit Card – Is It Really Worth It?

Ford credit card lets its owners enjoy convenience and many benefits. From an easy-to-use website interface to high-security account features, owning a Ford rewards credit card will turn a credit card owner’s everyday purchase experience into points. Be it Ford Service and Maintenance, Ford Parts, or Ford Vehicle, Ford Rewards Points can be redeemed towards discounts at the credit card owner’s next purchase here.

Ford Credit Card – Pros And Cons

Some common benefits and drawbacks of the Ford credit card are mentioned below. They are as follows:

Ford Credit Card Pros

  • No Membership Fees
  • High Rewards Rate
  • Zero Percent APR on Purchases
  • 11,000 Points + $100 Statement Credit Initial Rewards Bonus

Ford Credit Card Cons

  • Balance Transfer Fee
  • Needs Good Or Excellent Credit
  • Foreign Fee
  • No Intro APR on Balance Transfers

Ford Credit Card Vs. Popular Alternatives

Ford Credit Card interest rate.
  • Ford Credit Card offers a regular APR of 23.24 percent to 30.24 percent. On the other hand, My GM Rewards Card offers a regular APR of 20.24 percent to 29.99 percent (variable). 
  • Ford Credit Card offers a rewards rate of 2 to 10 points per dollar. On the other hand, My GM Rewards Card offers a rewards rate of 4 to 7 points per dollar.
  • Ford Credit Card offers 11,000 points and a $100 statement credit as a bonus offer. On the other hand, My GM Rewards Card offers 15,000 points as its bonus offer.

Do Ford Credit Card Points Expire

Yes, Ford credit card points will expire after one year of inactivity. You will have to earn and redeem the Ford Credit Card points at least once every year to keep them from expiring. You can also keep earning Ford Credit points to keep them from expiring. However, you should keep on redeeming them from time to time to minimize the risk of devaluation. 

What Credit Score Do You Need For The Ford Credit Card

You need a 700 or more credit score for the Ford credit card. If you have a good credit score, then you have a good shot at getting approved for the card. 

While credit score makes an important deciding factor, other criteria like income, number of open accounts, exiting debt loan, housing status, recent credit inquiries, and employment status also matter.

Once you have taken the above-mentioned criteria into account, you might get approved even with a slightly lower credit score. However, we would recommend you apply only when you meet all the card’s credit score requirements.

FordPass Rewards Visa Credit Card

Ford Reward Points
  • FordPass Rewards Visa Credit Card helps its credit card owners earn on every purchase. Whether it is a dealership, gas station, parking, or restaurant, this Ford credit card allows you to redeem points for a wide range of services. 
  • With this Ford Rewards credit card, you will get 5 percent back in points on Ford dealership purchases. You will get 3 percent back in points on making payments for auto insurance, gas, parking, dining, and tools. You will get 1 percent back in points on all other purchases. 
  • This Ford credit card will help you get 5 percent back in points on making payments for Ford dealership services. And 5 percent back in points with FordPass Rewards.
  • The FordPass Rewards Credit Card also lets its owners earn a $200 annual statement credit when they spend $6000 in 12 consecutive billing cycles from the account opening date. 

Overall, the FordPass Rewards Visa Credit Card comes with many benefits. The card comes with zero percent Intro APR for six billing cycles from the date of purchase on Ford Dealership purchases worth $499. After the six billing cycles, the APR then goes to the eligible purchases variable APR that is based on the prime rate.

Ford Service Credit Card 

  • The Ford Service Credit Card is a convenient financing option. It helps credit card owners with their maintenance needs. 
  • It allows the credit card owner to pay for maintenance, repairs, and Ford parts purchased from an authorized Ford dealer. 
  • It transforms the way an individual takes care of their car’s service needs. From extended service plans to enabling the credit card owner to pay for maintenance, this card can do it all. You can easily use this card to pay for tires, parts, accessories, and more. 
  • Some amazing benefits of using the Ford Service Credit Card includes lower monthly payments, discount offers, as well as financing options with special interest rates. 

In order to enjoy the advantages provided by the Ford Service Credit Card, you will first need to fill the hassle-free Ford credit card application procedure.

Ford Service Credit Card Application Procedure

Apply today to get your FORD CREDIT CARD.

The Ford Service credit card application procedure is very simple. 

  • If you are interested in the Ford service credit card, you will need to apply by visiting
  • You can click on the “Finance” section. 
  • Next, you will have to click on the “Apply for Loan” option. 
  • Next, go through the rules mentioned on the application page. Then, click “Start Loan Application.” 
  • Next, provide some basic details of your vehicle.
  • Next, give some financial information about your vehicle. Then, click “Next.”
  • Fill out some personal information on the form, if any. Then, click “Next”
  • Confirm your email address on the online application form and click “Next.”
  • Then, simply follow all the necessary steps to complete your Ford Service credit card application

Ford Credit Card Application Requirements

Some basic Ford service credit card citibank application requirements are as follows:

  • Social security number to access the website. 
  • Annual income and monthly payment details. 
  • 18+ years of age is necessary at the time of application. 
  • Mother’s maiden name.

Make sure you fulfill all application requirements to get started on your credit card journey!This credit card will certainly help you enjoy a host of unique features and benefits, all under one roof only.

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