4 Best United Airlines Credit Cards

Do you want to enjoy the best benefits of United Airlines credit cards? Then, learning about their best four credit cards is what you need.

Regardless of how often an individual takes to the skies, United Airlines credit cards remain an advantageous option. Lounge membership, bonus miles, priority boarding, and other benefits are offered by them.

For all your travel needs, we have put together a list of our favorite four options. Additionally, we are offering a helpful compilation of tips to assist you in selecting the ideal United Airlines credit card.

United Gateway Card

The United Gateway Card comes with a $0 annual fee. Unlike most other online cards, you won’t have to juggle your finances to enjoy the best credit card benefits. It is a simple card that makes a good choice for people who are buying their first United Airlines credit card. It is definitely a worthwhile option for individuals who do not travel very often. This card can be used to earn miles between occasional trips.

  • Features:
    • Welcome Bonus: 20,000 Bonus Miles
    • Annual Fee: $0
    • Regular APR: 21.74 Percent – 28.74 Percent
    • Credit Score: 700-749
  • Pros:
    • No Annual Fee
    • No Foreign Transaction Fee
    • Availability Of Expanded United Award Travel
  • Cons:
    • No Free Checked Bag

United Explorer Card

The United Explorer Card makes the go-to choice for moderate and casual United fliers. The benefits offered by this credit card certainly outweigh its annual feel. You will earn bonus rewards when you make payment with this card with United Airlines and eligible restaurants and hotels. This basic airline card also offers other benefits like priority boarding, lounge access, free checked bags, etc.

United Airlines Credit Card
  • Features: 
    • Welcome Bonus: 50,000 Bonus Miles
    • Annual Fee: $0 For First Year, Then $95 Every Year
    • Regular APR: 21.74 Percent – 28.74 Percent
    • Credit Score: 700-749
  • Pros:
    • No Annual Fee In First Year
    • Free First Checked Bag & Priority Boarding
    • No Blackout Dates
  • Cons:
    • No 0$ Intro APR Offer.

United Quest Card

The United Quest Card comes with an annual credit of $125. Frequent United Airlines customers will definitely love owning the United Quest Card. It occupies a solid middle ground between the United pricey and entry-level credit cards. You can also earn more miles and better perks, considering the amount of fees you’ll be paying. Its benefits significantly offset its annual fee any day.

  • Features:
    • Welcomes Bonus: 60,000 Bonus Miles
    • Annual Fee: $250
    • Regular APR:21.74 Percent – 28.74 Percent
  • Credit Score:700-749
  • Pros:
  • $125 Annual United Purchase Credit
  • Two Free Checked Bags For Cardholder & Companion
  • 6,000 Premier Qualifying Points Annually
  • Cons:
    • General Purchase Earnings Only 1 Mile Per Dollar

United Club Infinite Card

Top United Airlines Credit Card

The United Club Infinite Card is a top-tier credit card with United Airlines lounge membership benefits. This card offers more miles per dollar than the United Explorer and United Quest credit cards. It makes a value-for-money option for frequent fliers due to its many travel perks. It also offers benefits like two free checked bags, making your traveling experience all the more convenient and enjoyable.

  • Features:
    • Welcome Bonus: 80,000 Bonus Miles
    • Annual Fee: $525
  • Regular APR: 21.74 Percent – 28.74 Percent
  • Credit Score: 750-850
  • Pros:
    • No Foreign Transaction Fee.
    • United Club Membership.
    • First & Second Checked Bag Free.
  • Cons:
    • Very High Annual Fee.

How To Choose The Right United Airlines Credit Card For You

  • Annual Fee: If you want a United Airlines credit card with zero annual fee, then the United Gateway Card and the United Explorer Card will make a good choice. If you want a card with a minimal annual fee, then both the United Explorer Card and United Quest Card will make the right choice. But, if you are not worried about the annual fee and want to enjoy the best benefits, then the United Club Infinite Card should be your go-to choice.
  • Bonus Offer For New Card Holders:The bonus miles you earn will differ based on the spending you make within the first 3 months of owning a United Airlines credit card.
    • You will earn 20,000 bonus miles for spending a minimum of $1000 with the United Gateway Card. 
    • You will earn 50,000 bonus miles for spending a minimum of $3000 with the United Explorer Card.
    • You will earn a 60,000 bonus and 500 premier points for spending a minimum of $4000 with the United Quest Card. 
    • You will earn 80,000 bonus miles for spending a minimum of $5000 with the United Club Infinite Card.
  • Free Checked Bags:
    • No free checked bags for United Gateway Card.
    • Free first checked bag for you and your companion with a United Explorer Card.
    • Free first and second checked bags for your companion and you with a United Quest Card and the United Club Infinite Card.
  • Rewards On Spending With United Airlines:
    • 2 miles per $1 with United Gateway Card and United Explorer Card.
    • 3 miles per $1 with United Quest Card.
    • 4 miles per $1 with United Club Infinite Card.
  • Airport Lounge Access:
    • No airport lounge access with United Gateway Card and United Quest Card.
    • 2 United Club one-time passes every year with United Explorer Card.
    • Annual membership to all locations of United Club and select Star Alliance lounges with the United Club Infinite Card.
  • Credit For TSA Precheck, Nexus, Or Global Entry
    • No credit for nexus, global entry, or TSA precheck.
    • Up to $100 credit for TSA precheck, nexus, and global entry every four years with United Gateway, United Explorer, United Quest, and United Club Infinite Card.

Don’t choose a card for yourself just because of one of two factors, like its annual fee and rewards. Go through all the key points of difference, such as free checked bags, airport lounge access, foreign transaction fees, and more, to choose the right United Airlines credit card for you. If you are a loyal United flyer, then buying any of the above United Airlines Credit Cards will do wonders for you.