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Retail job is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is far from an ordinary 9 to 5 job where there are fixed hours of work and leave. It is extremely demanding as well as challenging area of work. So, it is better to know the pros and cons of this field before actually getting into it.

First and foremost, this field involves long hours of continuous work. Retail job includes direct interaction with the customers which can be tiring and irritating. You may have to stand the whole day to provide the best service to your customers. So be prepared to put in long working hours without any complains. Further you might be asked to work on days when every body else in your family is enjoying a leave or holidaying. This is because retail outlets experience maximum footfall during holidays.

Secondly, you have to be extremely patient with your customers. Customers are not all of the same kind. Some are cooperating whereas others are not.

You have to satisfy all of them without a frown on your face. Only then can you survive in this field. You have to listen to their grievances and complaints and try your beat to make them happy. You have to have a good convincing power.

Always feel free to take the advice of your seniors when you know you cannot handle a particular situation. Since retail jobs involve direct interaction with people, it requires a lot of experience. Take help from veterans as they know how to deal with particular kind of people. Taking advice is better than giving poor customer service.

Next you have to keep your cool while working. Always remember to serve one customer at a time. Avoid becoming clumsy. If you organise your work accordingly, you can go a long way.

Be prepared to wear the same dress every day. Most retail outlets have dress codes that are not stylish. You are supposed to maintain the code every single day.

Like all other jobs, retail jobs also involve dealing with unfriendly co-workers. Avoid any confrontation with these workers if they are not in your good book. If you find people bullying you report to the store manager or your immediate head. Be patient, things will slowly smoothen. Do not lose your temper. Otherwise surviving in this field would be impossible.

Hence, it is clear that retail jobs are not easy as it looks. Be prepared before you take any decision. A constant interaction with the customers is no easy task and requires a lot of skill. Test yourself whether you have these required qualities. Only then can you maintain your position.

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