Favorable Retail Stocks – What Are They

With the recession going out of hand in the past years, people are so skeptical on investing in stock market. Most often than not people who invested in stocks lost a lot of money and there’s no way they can recover. Some even went to the point of selling their stocks just to get back a little bit of what they invested even if they lost big time.

Others hold on into their investment since it is paper loss not real big time money loss not unless they sell their stocks.

But with the entry of the years 2011, things have changed. One sector that emerged to pose a strong recovery is the retail industry. $RLX rises to about 3-folds since the recession and has a YTD of 15%. In 2011, there is an appreciation of about 3%.

Renowned fund managers such as Blackrock Inc, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments, among others are going forth to the retail group. With a whooping $2.77 billion for the first quarter, this says something.

The following are the most favorable retail stocks by the fund managers:

1. GNC
2. WSM
4. TIF
5. SWY
6. SVU
8. SKS
9. JCP
10. GMCR
11. FOSL
12. FDO
13. DKS
14. BIG

Of all the mentioned stocks, it is the GNC that has strong indicator it goes up. Their IPO price of $16 has increased to about 140% in just a matter of 15 months. GNC is into the business of being a specialty retailer of wellness and health products such as minerals, vitamins, supplements, energy and diet products and even sports nutrition.

This simply shows that retail stocks are going well in the stock market for the past 1-2 years.