Kohl’s Credit Card: Things You Need to Know

Kohl’s is a famous department store brand based in the USA. It spreads to over 1100 locations across America. This customer-friendly retail chain offers quality products at affordable rates, with extra discounts and rebates. The brand also provides its services online.

The Kohl’s credit card is a customer-friendly service from Kohl’s brand. This credit card is a store card that customers can use at Kohl’s online and offline stores.

Kohl’s Credit Card: An Overview

Kohl’s credit card helps buy merchandise from the brand store. Like a regular bank credit card, the holder can avail themselves of store credit, purchase products within a particular limit, and pay the price later to the card. You can pay Kohl’s credit card online through the Kohl’s credit card app.

This is a charge card. So, the cardholder must pay off the card’s standing balance at the end of every month. The store credit amount available to each cardholder differs from USD 300 to USD 3000.

If the cardholder finds paying off the balance every month challenging, they have an annual payment option. But for this yearly option, the holder must pay a 30.74% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

Kohl’s Credit Card: Benefits

*Every purchase made through Kohl’s credit card is eligible to earn rewards and reward points as part of the Kohl’s cash program.
*You can earn store credits through the credit card purchases
*New cardholders get a 35% first-purchase discount
*Cardholders gain priority whenever cash promotions come up
*Receives an additional 10% to 30% store discount every year
*Hassle-free returns
*Mobile and online bill payment services
*Cardholders spending over USD 600 annually are eligible for six additional benefits and offers.
*Fraud liability protection service for USD 0
*Month-wise credit bureau reporting

Kohl’s Credit Card: Criteria for Application

Kohl’s credit card application can be made both online and offline. But the applicants must have specific qualifications to be eligible for the card. They are:

*640 or above should be the credit score
*Flawless credit history
*Should have enough disposable income to manage the credit card payments
*No existing debt situations

Kohl’s Credit Card: How to Apply?

The application process for Kohl’s credit card proceeds through the following steps.

1.Open the official Kohl’s website or the Kohl’s credit card app.
2.Click on Apply Now.
3.On the form that appears, enter basic credentials like name, address, social security number, contact number, date of birth, email id, annual income, etc.
4.The disclosures appear on the screen once the form is completed and submitted. The disclosures must be read in detail, as they contain information on the interest rate and other charges.
5.Review the application and click on Submit. You can know your application status almost immediately.

Kohl’s Credit Card: How to Pay for the Card?

Customers can pay for the credit card online. They must go to Kohl’s credit card sign-in option on the official website or the mobile application and go to the Pay My Bill option to pay off whatever balance that is left.