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The Snell Memorial Foundation, Inc. has finalized its SA2015 Standard for Protective Headgear which applies to auto racing helmets

Head & Neck Restraints

Head and Neck restraints are important in every level of racing. We offer a huge selection of devices including the HANS Device and the Hybrid Series.

Racing Suit Packages                  

We have Racing Suit Packages that combine our great selection of Suits with Shoes and Gloves for a winning combination you will love! We have packages to fit a racer with any budget.

Racing Suits

Pit Stop USA offers SFI racing suits that meet the full range of SFI standards as well as FIA approved suits. Check with your track or sanctioning body to see what level of suits your class requires.

Racing Shoes

Well designed shoes allows the driver to have a good grip as well as feel the pedals. Racing shoes are an investment and are meant for driving. They will last you much longer if you do not use them for walking around at the track.

Racing Gloves

Glove performance is just as important for driving the car as well as providing protection from fire. A well designed glove not only fits well but also improves you grip on the steering wheel.

Winch Ropes

A Winch Ropes is only as good as the rope you use with it. A winch is essential for off-roading, towing, and even for some work-related tasks. Initially, the only tow ropes that were available were made of steel cable.

Arm Restraints

Arm restraints are recommended and / or required in many forms of auto racing. Many are covered in flame-retardant foam and flame-retardant cloth

Driver Cooling

Used by drivers in all levels of racing, these systems delivers the ultimate in driver cooling comfort. We offer Water Systems that deliver temperature-controlled cooled water to the drivers Cool.

Gear & Helmet Bags

These Gear Bags are designed to hold your helmet, suit, gloves, shoes and all your other accessories, some of them will readily double as as travel luggage if needed.

Hearing Protectors

Enjoy the race while blocking out track noise and protecting your hearing with this over-the-head hearing protector and ear plugs.

Karting Gear

Karting has become more and more competitive with each passing season, and having high quality and comfortable safety gear is a must! Kart racing safety equipment technology has vastly improved.

Neck Braces

Neck Support Collars help support head during race and help reduce fatigue. We highly suggest moving up to a SFI 38.1 head and neck restraint if you can.

Parachutes and Components

PitStopUSA.com carries a full line of drag racing parachutes to get you safely stopped at the end of the strip.

Seat Belts & Harnesses

We have restraints to meet any need or car configuration. With hundreds of models to choose from we can make sure you get a set of seatbelts that not only work great and feel great but also keep you safe.


Adding fire retardant underwear can greatly increase the level of protection when worn under your racing suit or helmet. We suggest fire retardant underwear be worn with all suits.

Window Nets

Window nets protect the driver from flying debris and contain the drivers arms during a crash. They are available in a variety of sizes.

Fire Extinguishers

In racing you always want to be ready for the extremes. Don’t get caught with a fire and have nothing to fight it with.

Steering Wheel Padding

Pads are available for flat or dished steering wheels and in round or 3 spoke designs. These pads help provide additional driver protection.

Suspension Straps and Tethers

Safely secure your drag link, tie rod, or other suspension components to keep them for flying off during a wreck.

Safety Equipment – NEW

Check out the Recently Listed Safety Equipment.

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