How are you branding your business?

The world of marketing and branding is improving in such significant ways. There are so many advancements in the world of technology. Everyone is looking at online sites like Twitter and Google+ and getting interested in this because it is replacing most avenues of marketing. It has become the primary source of advertising in the world of retail branding.

• Forsaking All Other Avenues

In the marketing world there was a time when people expected to see most of their advertisements for products through television. This was the primary form of promotion. Radio advertisements were a close second. The Internet evolved of course and became a major competitor. Today, thanks to social retail branding, the World Wide Web is now the leader.

1. Radio Advertising Methods

People will still get to hear promotions through the radio, but the advertising
streams of revenue for radio stations are much smaller. People that advertise on
radio will typically put more into advertising websites. This is the new world
of radio advertising with radio apps.

2. Fewer Television Promotions

People don’t watch television as much as they use to. This means that there are a
lot less reasons for advertisers to promote through television commercials. There
are still lots of commercials on television, but more cable based networks are only
designed to market their own shows. Fewer companies are interested in marketing
through this channel because of the discovery of sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Companies that do advertise through television have revamped their promotions to
include some type of links or connections to the Google+ or Facebook pages. This is
the new world of television promotion.

• Word of Mouth Promotion through Social Media

1. Friends, Friends and more Friends

The obviously best thing about this social environment is that there are so many friends that communicate with each other. People tell their friends about new products in real time. They may be sipping a new drink in a restaurant that they just have to tweet about or other things like sharing information about the famous people or celebrities; actors, musicians, artists, etc. See Nick Moss as an emerging artist. There are other times when they may get questions from friends about the right types of detergent or cleaning products to buy while chatting. These are all opportunities for friends to communicate with each other and establish this fondness of a particular retail brand.

2. Reaching the Unreachable

Customers have power. Companies broaden the potential
customer base with word-of-mouth promotion. People that may have never considered certain products will suddenly be
open to this type of social retail branding. The new concept of appealing through
people in the social arena opens the doors to a particular type of unreachable
audience. A company can tie in to loyal customers and go where no
television commercials can ever go. This company leaders know that there is power
in this. That is why there are so many promotions to encourage this type of
behavior. Companies that give away products and offer discounts are so much
more likely to get others to engage in promoting their products. Customers
that are already satisfied [and loyal] to a company will be much more
effective than any over-the-top commercial with reaching the unreachable.

• Mobile Advertising

There is a whole world of mobile advertising that many people are just beginning to witness. The world of apps has made it very easy for companies to promote relentlessly throughout the course of the day.

1. Banners and Promotions

Some apps have advertisement banners that promote products. Others may have some
type of branding done through commercials. There may be movie and video apps that
will not allow people to access desired content until the advertisement is finished.

2. The Free App Nation

So may people adore free apps. A large majority of them are actually downloading
apps for every facet of their lives. When they do this it is impossible to disregard
all the mobile device marketing that is presenting out there. People have a lot of
apps to choose for work and play. All of the photo, text, voice and video apps have
made it possible for both users and app developers to benefit. The users get free
apps with the possible annoyance of some advertising. App developers get some type
of compensation for incorporating the advertisements into the apps. It’s a winning
situation that extends to companies that gain new customers as a result of these
mobile advertising methods.

• Redefining Brands through Social Circles

The world of branding has truly been redefined through social circles. People have
learned and become fans of certain brands solely through online relationships. This
is where the world of retail marketing and brand identity is going. That which was once a
very trivial part of the world of marketing is now becoming the very nucleus
that holds many advertising departments together.

• Expanding to Large Crowds

The best possible thing that all the social arenas and mobile technology methods
provide is the ability to defy geographical boundaries. It doesn’t matter how small
a company is. There is still a lot of room for expansion through the eyes
of the small business owner that has discovered and boldly utilized the world of
social media. This will grow because more people are placing orders through their
phones. People shop through apps. This has expand the brand while reducing demand
for clothes and other products in brick and mortar stores.

Some people may assume that it is just a fad. It is not. To the contrary, it is the evolution that has become a standard in branding today. It is virtually impossible to avoid where this is going because it is becoming a part of everything.

Celebrities promote new movies and music this way. Friends have become passionate about certain brands and promoted products to other friends. It is more than a trend. It’s a redefining aspect of the entire concept of brand recognition. This new definition of branding has received a unique stamp of approval from millions of people this way. The socially conscious peers are breaking down the barriers to worldwide branding.