Technology Factors Affecting Pre-Christmas Spending

Today’s world has become increasingly technology dependant and with Christmas around the corner, some important shifts in people’s buying preferences are bound to occur. More and more shoppers will drop the traditional modes of shopping and move towards the various technology aids that have assumed importance. Some shifts of the customer can be analyzed through following factors.

Importance of Social Media

The most noticeable shift would be towards greater online shopping by the customers, thanks to the Social media. Various social media sites such as Fancy or Pinterest will drive greater traffic towards discovery shopping. ‘Traditional’ social media sites will also push the traffic from search and drive gross merchandise sales in the run up to Christmas. Without a doubt, the use of mobile devices for this purpose is going to increase.

Consumers are going to make use of the internet in a big way for reviews of products which they are interested in, check for their price range as well as additional product range. Correspondingly, the retailer will have to exploit the online opportunities fully to ensure excitement and relevant shopping experience to the consumer.

Mobile Devices

Mobile subscriptions are expected to grow and though these will be for basic phones, smartphone penetration will rise fast. However, the regional differences in their use will prevail. Channels which provide for a convenient and flexible mode of shopping such as click and collect or reserve and collect facility to the customer will become favorite.

Androids catering to the mid-tier and low end segment will retain their popularity in view of their mass appeal whereas the high end smartphones are expected to ebb in terms of sales. The recent acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft should not affect the market for mobile devices though other benefits such as strengthening of channels and current market updates can be obtained.

Mobile & Tablet Devices

There will be a boom in purchase of tablets as they are more user-friendly than a regular PC or a laptop. Along with tablets, low-priced smartphones and sophisticated hybrids will rule the roost. However, the tablets will become the obvious choice among other devices for the Christmas market. They will be an important and enlightening device that will take the place of honor in many kids’ wish list.

Mode of Retail Spending

The online business is going to outrun the brick and mortar business with more and more physical stores heading for a closure in almost all the countries. The rising popularity of shopping through mobile devices will ensure that all online businesses are optimized for cell-phone use.

Various sources indicate an increase in holiday spending by the consumers and a major amount of retailers are expected to post good results. Supermarkets will become more online-friendly and increase their array of goods to exploit the increased demands in this holiday season.