President Trump Decides To Push The Stimulus Checks To $2000 From $600: His Decision Blew Up McConnell Plan

President Trump Decides To Push The Stimulus Checks To $2000 From $600: His Decision Blew Up McConnell Plan

President Trump on Tuesday night ordered to increase the amount for the covid-19 relief package from $600 to $2000 per person.
His decision is well-received by the democrats. However, this sudden hike in the stimulus check amount has loaded a lot of pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Trump’s decision has left in an unpleasant situation.

Trump also posted a video criticizing the $900 billion covid-19 relief package which was passed by congressional lawmakers on Monday. In his video, Trump demanded to increase the checks per person.

The decision taken by Trump is cheered and praised by the house of Democrats. The Democratic leaders said that they support Trump’s decision and want $2000 checks. They also highlighted the fact that Republicans had blocked earlier proposals with higher checks.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took to his Twitter account to post that they have spent months trying to secure $2000 checks. But unfortunately, it was blocked by the members of the Republican Party.

He also said that Trump needs to sign the bill to keep the government open and also to help people. By doing so they will be happy to provide the help that American citizens need.

At the end of his tweet, he added that finally, Trump is making himself useful. He should do everything needed to stop the Republicans from blocking the check again.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker said that democrats would call for a meeting to vote on increasing the amount. She also tweeted that Republicans have repeatedly refused to increase the checks. But finally, the President has agreed to increase the checks to $2000.

She also added that Democrats are ready to take on the business by this week.

Coming to McConnell, for the last four months, he has insisted on a smaller stimulus relief package. Not just that, but he had also rejected the request for $1200 checks in the past. Right now, he has two options:

He can allow for a larger stimulus package after refusing to increase it for months.
He can take the political heat by refusing the larger checks.

It is interesting to note that even if Donald Trump vetoes the spending bill, Congress could put pressure to override the veto.

In case, this happens, it could be politically damaging. Also, there is no guarantee that Congress will stick to their decision in the light of Donald Trump’s new demand.

McConnell could have a possible reason to fear blowback for refusing the larger checks and that is the runoff elections for Georgia’s two senate seats which are needed to be controlled by the GOP.

According to reports, McConnell backed relief packages after knowing that the opposition was causing harm to the senate campaigns in Georgia.

Schumer took to his Twitter account to call out McConnell. He tweeted saying McConnell that they shouldn’t be bogged down by political differences. They should provide what the Americans need and deserve.

He also added that he is happy to see the President supporting their legislation.