Home approves symbolic impeachment inquest resolution

The House has no actual requirement for voting and starting an impeachment inquiry, however Democrats are going belt-and-suspenders.

WASHINGTON ― The House of Representatives not formally opened an impeachment inquiry after weeks of GOP criticism and the House Democrats approved the resolution formalizing process while Republicans griped that it was not on time.

The house voted in favour of the resolution by 232-196 with all but two Democrats and no Republican was voting in favour of the resolution. Independent Justin Amash of Michigan voted with Democrats while Reps. Jeff Van Drew and Collin Peterson voted with Republicans.
This resolution successfully lays out the overall ground rules for the impeachment process like how much time leaders of the Republican committee will get question witnesses and easy-to-understand guidelines regarding how Republicans call their own witnesses. There are also guidelines about the process for the White House to respond to congressional inquiries and the entire impeachment process.

This resolution would give the maximum rights to the President Donald Trump if he and his staff cooperate with congressional subpoenas and take some of the rights away when the White House would not comply with subpoenas as usual.

Some Democrats pushing for a vote and insisting that the resolution process is undefined and required a long time. Republicans have been clamouring for a vote. They are hoping to lock in a partisan impeachment roll call now prior to any damaging information comes to visible and before public sentiment moves any extend.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi who sat in the presiding officer’s chair on Thursday announced the total as Democrats finally called the vote. There was a partisan mood on the House floor culminated in Republican namely Morgan Griffith’s objection to the vote soon after it was called. He voted with the losing side and did not have standing to make. Democrats moved on to vote on other things irrespective of Republicans yelled for regular order like a mantra.

Pelosi said the overall rules would guide the entire decision to impeach the president during the actual debate of this resolution. She also ensured that this decision had not yet been made. She said that it is all about the truth and what is at stake? This is because she seeks what is at stake in all of this is nothing less than our democracy.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy brought up old quotes from Pelosi for the GOP’s part about how this impeachment would be divisive. The house must go down that route when there was something overwhelming. He also ensured that this impeachment is an attempt to undo the last election and influence the next election as well. He argued that nothing impeachable about the phone of the President with Ukraine or quid pro quo Trump seemed to set up with Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian President. Democrats received damning testimony from the officials of the Trump administration over the past several weeks about the attempt of the president to make Ukraine announce a proper investigation into one of his top rivals Joe Biden in the 2020 election.