Home Flood Insurance – The Importance & Benefits

Do you have home flood insurance?

People who live near the coastal regions or have houses very close to the sea know the perils of floods and the effects that might have on their houses. So the big question that arises now is, Do you have home flood insurance? After the aftermath of Hurricane Ian earlier this year, the administrator of FEMA Deanne Criswell stresses more on the fact that anyone who lives close to a waterbody must buy themselves home flood insurance.

Criswell added at CNN’s State of the Union that, if you are living very close to a water body or in a region where it rains frequently and causes floods then it becomes an important responsibility of your for buying home flood insurance. She says that perhaps many may not be aware of it because you do not require to buy flood insurance never means that you do not have the option of buying it.
In a previous instance, POLITICO reported that it is indeed a matter of concern that most people do not own federal flood insurance. This storm has indeed raised concerns about the financial disasters that people have undergone. Now it has become the need of the hour to find a solution to how people shall be able to protect their lives and properties under such situations. What shall be more substantial now if through, evacuations, building codes, or by insurance?

Indeed, there has been widespread damage due to Hurricane Ian, especially across the state of Florida bringing many homes submerged under water. There was a sense of concern in the voice of Criswell when she reported that by the first weekend after the storm took place, four dozen of people had already died the many deaths in Florida were the cause of drowning.
Criswell says that it is time now that everyone should understand the risks such disasters are capable of bringing no matter if they live in the tornado alley, coast, or inland. Criswell even says that those who are trying to rebuild their houses once more in Florida after Ian must gauge the intensity of risk in rebuilding at the same place or trying to shift elsewhere.

Rick Scott (R-Fla.) says that the State too needs to be aggressive about handling the potential frauds in the market of insurance so that the insurance companies in Florida are able to do business. In order to stop insurance fraud more strict building codes needs to be created. It shall help them to ensure about the ones that choose to rebuild in the same vulnerable areas are safe and covered this time. Mobile manufactured housing that has been criticized for being unsafe is becoming a good option for people to make a decision during these times. But due to the costs associated with it, Scott, who was a former Governor raises concerns if such a thing should be banned. He holds the opinion that whenever there is a rise in the cost of something, it always impacts the poorer families the most but also that you wish to keep them safe as well.