Obama care is coming

We all know it would come one day, but it is actually here. Effective open enrollment starts October 1st and many people will have to enroll in a program that works right for them. Obama is already getting great support from former President Clinton for all us to work together and make this healthcare act work. President Bill Clinton and Obama have worked hard for everyone to have insurance in the near future. How will this affect everyone?

Only time will tell, but most businesses are holding out on hiring potential candidates that the program rolls out and shows some kind of benefits to it. A lot of businesses were against this program, due to the costs that might be associated with it. All in all, this program will be beneficial long term? Only time will tell, I just hope all of America has insurance, we all have heard of horrible stories of doctor’s bills, hospital bills, and urgent care bills in the thousands, when other countries cover most of it for cheap. We need to look at other countries healthcare system and see how they are helping the people with their health issues rather than billing them for thousand dollars the following month. Most citizens of the United States don’t have adequate care, and huge percentage in this country have no basic insurance to even go to a doctor. It’s a huge problem we will see how this Obama Care takes care of this ailing situation.