Social Commerce

Shopping seldom requires you to drive yourself to a couple of retailers, walk your shoes out among the aisles of a store and spend half a day on filling up the boot of your vehicle with all your treats. That’s what people did in the middles ages. The possibilities at your disposal today are simply astounding – you can purchase all that you need at online retail websites, or at the online versions of brick and mortar stores, in the comfort of your home. Virtual shopping carts can be filled with real goods that will simply be delivered to your doorstep, and you sometimes enjoy discounts on your online payments.

Social networking sites may have started off as simply a channel of keeping in touch with acquaintances, but their reach has resulted in the development of social commerce. Not only are goods and services promoted on sites like Facebook and Twitter, but trading is also carried out on these websites today. Support sectors have also undergone change to support this trend, and the development of credit card processing for retail purposes is one such field. Premier brands and credit card service providers are working in collaboration to make e-commerce a success.
The advent of daily deals sites and online shopping portals, promoted by the appropriate use of social media has made a huge impact on e-commerce. If statistics are anything to go by, the role of online social networks for business development is not a passing trend but the next big thing in the global economic sector.