InStore Signs for retail stores

Most small retail store owners know the importance of a killer window display. But why bother spending precious advertising dollars on signage inside your store?
That’s easy – your sales happen inside your store.

Foot traffic is crucial, but it doesn’t change the bottom line: your store needs sales to thrive. In-store signage can help solve a world of problems. Let’s look at three examples where attractive and organized signage can be a dealmaker.
Turn Browsers into Buyers : With retail foot traffic expected to decline 2.2% during prime holiday shopping season in November and December, store owners are focused on turning “just looking” into buying big. You can convert more of your foot traffic into buyers by calling attention to stellar offerings – unique products, gifts with purchase, loss-leader deals and other incentives that are hard for a browser to pass by.
The smaller your store, the more you stand to benefit – small stores can suffer from “driveby” browsers who barely make it past the doorway. Use attractive, professionally designed store signage to draw those browsers deeper into your retail store, where they are more likely to notice an item of interest or be engaged by a sales clerk.
Beat the “Paradox of Choice” : As detailed in the 2004 book “The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less” by American psychologist Barry Schwartz, the wide array of choices available for consumers today actually contributes to the stress level of each shopper. The result: paralysis – the inability to choose means fewer sales for store owners.
In a nutshell, when we’re presented with a huge variety of options, our “fight or flight” response kicks in. We can “fight” to see which is the best value, fit, or solution for our needs, or we can run away. No doubt this stressful situation is more prevalent around the holiday season, when shoppers are the most likely to be shopping for a wide array of products they may not understand and for family and friends they may not otherwise shop for.
Smart store owners know how to use human nature to their benefit. By clearly highlighting the best sellers, the season’s most popular items, and the best deal in the store, you throw your shoppers a lifeline. Make it easy for shoppers to shop smart and feel confident in their purchases, and you’ll see your sales grow.
Boost the Sales Amount of Each Visit : Try this the next time you’re out shopping – walk into any small store and ask the clerk or owner what their best deal is. Most will (hopefully!) give you a short list of 3-5 current deals that can’t be beat. Now summon up a bit of courage and ask one of your fellow shoppers the same question. Let us know in the comments below if your shopper is able to name even one of the same deals the clerk mentioned.
Window displays do an amazing job of turning a passerby into a browser. Once inside the store, it’s up to your in-store signage to remind those browsers why they stopped in. Whether it’s a new product release or a gift with purchase, many shoppers will forget why they entered your store as soon as they’re past the doorway. With window displays, out of sight is out of mind.
Once a browser converts into a shopper, with a purchase in mind, it’s up to your in-store efforts to increase the total sale price. While a shopper may have researched their big-ticket items, no doubt they haven’t had the time to look at the pros and cons of accessories – it’s up to your in-store signage to educate and entice them toward those sales.
Use your in-store signage to organize better! Creative signage turns a single-item purchase of either a sweater or jeans into an attractive outfit, with a higher sale price to match. A simple laptop sale can balloon into peripherals and software when well-designed signage ties them together.
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Sruly Markowitz is VP of Store, which was created to service smaller chains and standalone stores by supplying them with high-quality signage. We offer custom retail signage with predesigned posters, banners, static clings, and adhesive signs in a variety of sizes, as well as smaller hang tag and rack top signs. All of our signs can be customized by you with our easy-to-use editor to fit the exact requirements for your display. Don’t miss our twice-weekly retail and marketing tips for small business owners at the Blog!