A Detailed Review Of Newly Launched iPhone 12

The wait is finally over. Apple has finally announced the brand new iPhone 12 line-up on 13th October 2020. iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is now available for pre-ordering.
The new iPhone 12 series comes with advanced technologies and a powerful 5g experience that you have never used before. This time, the Cupertino giant has pushed the boundaries of innovation with its iPhone 12 models.

Starting from the design to features to camera quality, everything about the iPhone 12 is on point. They have included the best of features in the new iPhone 12. We have reviewed both the new iPhone 12 models in the post below. You won’t find such detailed iPhone 12 reviews like ours on the web.

Innovative Design And Display

iPhone 12 Pro models come with a new design that is different from any other iPhone model ever released. It features an edge-to-edge super retina XD displays to give you the best experience.

The new iPhone 12 models have the largest display ever. It is protected by an all-new Ceramic Shield front cover for durability. It is infused with nano-ceramic crystals that improves toughness and also increases drop performance four times.

Coming to the display size, iPhone 12 Pro features a 6.1-inch display, while iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a 6.7-inch screen with high-quality color accuracy. The OLED displays are designed to give you an enhanced experience.

The iPhone 12 Pro models are IP68 rated. They can withstand water submersion up to 6 meters and that too for 30 minutes. Not to mention, they are also protected against soda and coffee spills.

iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro will be available in four different steel finishes including silver, gold, graphite, and pacific blue.

Best 5G Experience
Both iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max brings you an advanced 5G experience that you have never enjoyed before. These new iPhone models are a combination of world-class software and hardware.

5G network on the iPhone promotes faster speeds for downloads and uploads. This will completely change the way you experience video streaming, FaceTime, game, and other activities on your iPhone. Not just that, but users will be able to enjoy faster and secure connection speeds at all times. As a result, they can avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi.

With the new iPhone 12 Pro models, you can reach up to 4Gbps speed even in crowded areas. It features Smart Data mode that helps extend battery life by balancing speed, power, and usage in real-time.

A14 Bionic Chip

A14 Bionic is the first-ever chip in the smartphone industry that is made on a 5-nanometer process. It is designed to be more efficient and powerful. It comes with the fastest GPU and CPU. This gives you powerful computational photography, a console-quality gaming feel, and more. Not just that, but it also extends the battery life.

A14 Bionic chip has a 16-core Neural Engine to give you 80% greater performance. It is capable of performing 11 trillion operations per second.

Pro Camera Quality and Setup

Coming to the camera quality, Apple has always tried to provide the best camera quality to its users. The new iPhone 12 Pro models come with the best pro camera setup in the world.

This is even more versatile for all levels of video and photo enthusiasts. The iPhone 12 Pro models are powered by A14 Bionic which provides you ultra-quality images. Not just that, but it provides powerful photography capabilities as well.

iPhone 12 Pro has the new ProRaw feature from Apple. This includes computational photography and multi-frame image processing with the RAW format. This allows users to enjoy full control over detail and color.

The seven-element lens is a big deal for iPhone 12 Pro. The wide camera with f/1.6 aperture is the fastest. With the ultra-wide camera is perfect for capturing landscapes. For portraits, you have the telephoto camera with a 4x optical zoom.

Coming to iPhone 12 Pro Max, it has an even better camera deal for users. The wide camera comes with a 47% larger sensor that takes iPhone 12 Pro Max to the next level. Not just that, but it also includes an expansive ultra-wide camera and a telephoto camera for great closer shots. It provides 5x optical zoom.

They have also improved the night mode for better and sharper videos and photos. With the new iPhone 12 Pro models, you can get the highest quality videos on your phone. These are the only phone cameras in the world to have an end-to-end HDR video experience with Dolby vision.

Realistic AR Camera

iPhone 12 Pro models come with the all-new LiDAR scanner to use pixel depth information and measure the light distance of a scene. With the help of this technology, you will get a more realistic and faster AR experience.

It also enhances autofocus by 6 times even in low-light areas to give you more accurate and reduced time to capture videos and photos. This feature along with the all-powerful A14 Bionic allows you to capture beautiful portraits in the night mode with a bokeh effect.

Innovative Accessories

iPhone 12 Pro models are backed by MagSafe accessories for wireless charging. This is to give you a better experience. MagSafe wireless chargers are not only easy to attach, but they also complement the beautiful look of your iPhone 12 smartphone.

MagSafe offers a unique experience to users as it has magnets around the charging coil which is optimized for efficiency. It is designed to perfectly connect with your iPhone 12.

MagSafe wireless chargers provide up to 15w of power. Charging solutions include MagSafe duo charger and MagSafe charger which can be used by users to charger both their iPhone and Apple watch.

iPhone 12 Pro models are based on creativity and innovation. These 5G network phones come with the highest quality cameras in the world. They are also powered by an A14 Bionic chip for a better and powerful experience. There is nothing that is off about the new iPhone 12 line-up.