What is retail finance?

 21st century brings the smart lifestyle for the people and for the business throughout the
world where they can live their life without bothering themselves about shopping and its
payments. Retail finance is the easiest and smartest way to shop and pay. It not only offers
flexibility but also affordability with multiple options to the customers. Retail finance is the
kind of loan which offers either stage payment instalment or credit facilities to those
suitable and creditworthy customers’ company that have trusted and good credit rating.
Retail finance provides the option to spread the price of the product and making it easier to
afford and allows the customer to purchase in the first place.
Retail finance comes in different forms like buy now pay later, interest-free credits or
interest-bearing loans. Retail finance does not entertain one method for all. It has several
methods which allow the customer to pick one which suits their situation and demand.
There are four variations in retail financing methods:
1. 0% Finance
2. Finance with interest
3. Buy now, pay later
4. Bullets Loans
0% Finance
0% finance, also known as discounted finance. It is best for those customers who lack the
funds to buy the product immediately. This finance has no interest for a long period. This
kind of finance appreciates more sales for the company without decreasing the cost.
Finance with Interest
This is the most common type of loan which is offered for a certain period and it has a
monthly interest according to the terms and conditions.
Buy now, Pay Later
It is the most popular method of financing in retail sectors. It offers the customers to
purchase the products and pay for them when it is convenient. This method increases the
product purchases that are helpful to grow the business. It is also an easy way to afford the
products when customers do not have enough funds.
Bullet Loans
A bullet loan is the total sum of the loan that is supposed to pay off at the end of the loaning
period. This loan is great for retail businesses. 

Retail finance is not the property of a specific niche and it is suitable for most of the sectors.
Even in those cases where the bulk of the retailers’ customers do not purchase online, still,
there are chances that POS (Point of sale) finance can uplift the revenue significantly. The
industries associated with retail finance are Healthcare, Arts and Music, Fashion, Education,
electrical appliances, Sports, jewellery, lifestyle, car extras & repair and home furniture.
Retail finance is the beneficial option for the retailing business as it offers the loan as per
customers’ choice through the simple application process and the customer gets instant
payment injection within 24 hours. It also increases product purchases and sales. It
improves customer retention and increases customer loyalty.
On the other side, retail finance plays a significant role for the customers too. It helps them
to manage their business and allows them to invest their money to earn the profit.
Moreover, it increases the accessibility for the customers in the retail business industry.
To sum up, we can say that reliable and smart retail finance can be tailored for any sector to
increase order value and to maximize the sale and to grow the business for so long.