Justice League Movie Trailers

One of the most iconic characters in the DC universe will be coming together in the Justice League movie, one of the most wanted movie to watch this year. Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and many some other hidden super heroes might show up. This movie looks dark and yet very entertaining from watching the commercials. I am looking forward to it as I am huge fan of Batman. For free online movies, see 123movies.

To be fair, the DC movies preceding Justice League—particularly Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad—have gotten their share of criticism already. I loathed the ugly, obnoxious Suicide Squad, and found only a little to like about turgid Batman v Superman. I was not alone in either of those assessments. It’s been a tough road for DC, with solid enough box office but little toehold in public esteem.

So it was a nice reprieve when Wonder Woman was an unqualified hit this summer, embraced by audiences and achieving a kind of rare, dangerous victory for a DC film: it kinda felt like an Avengers movie. The franchise got a big boost, and suddenly the DC story began to look a little less dark. What a nice few months that was! But now, with cracking whiplash, arrives Justice League, the culmination of the three non-Suicide Squad DC films to come before it—a hurried and slapdash heroes-assemble affair that clatters loudly and senselessly, tossed together out of loose screws and scrap metal.