Citi Double Cash Card Review: Make Smarter Financial Decisions

Owning a Citi Double Cash Card can bring several benefits. It is one of the most rewarding cash-back cards available. You can earn up to 2% cashback on all your purchases with zero annual fees. All your cashback is earned in the form of ThankYou points.

With this card, you can enjoy stellar benefits and also improve your credit card habits. To know more about the Citi Double Cash Card, give this article a read.

Key Features

Before you get your hands on this card, it will be beneficial for you to know about the features.

• Rewards rate

The Citi Double Cash helps you to earn up to 2% cashback on all purchases. To earn an extra 1% cashback, you must pay off what you owe. With the help of this card, you will learn to keep your credit card habits in check.

• Earning cash back rewards

To get the most out of your Citi Double Cash, you must use it wisely. Make it a point to pay off the dues on time each month. You will unlock the full potential of cashback if you pay off the balance you owe.

• Redeeming cashback rewards

It provides different redemption options for your cashback rewards. This includes Thank You points, direct deposit, statement credits, and checks.

While redemption of direct deposit and statement credit starts at $25, you can claim your Thank You points with just a $1 cashback balance.

Redeeming your ThankYou points allows you to redeem your points for travel or gift cards, through Shop or Citi with points on PayPal or Amazon.

Benefits of Owning Citi Double Cash Card

The Citi Double Cash Card is one of the best cashback cards to have. It provides you several benefits that you usually don’t get from other cash back reward cards.

• Zero APR offer

The Citi Double Cash can also be used as a balance transfer credit card. It offers the longest balance transfer duration of 18-month at 0% introductory APR. However, you will still need to pay a 3% or $5 intro balance transfer fee.

• Citi Entertainment

With Citi Entertainment, you can get access to events, high-end restaurants, and pre-sale tickets to a music festival, football game, etc.

• Security

This is one of the major reasons why people apply for the Citi Double Cash Card. It provides an array of fraud and security protection, so you can swipe your card without any worries. They provide $0 round the clock fraud protection and Lost Wallet Service.

• Rates and Fees

The best thing about owning a Citi Double Cash Card is that you don’t have to pay any annual charges. To put it simply, they don’t charge any recurring yearly fee. But it has a 3% foreign transaction fee.

• No annual charges
• 2% cashback on all purchases
• 18-month 0% APR

• 3% foreign transaction fee
• No welcome bonus on APR purchases

Citi Double Cash Card is ideal for frequent shoppers. Using this card, you can earn exciting rewards and cashback. The best part is that you don’t even have to pay any annual charges.