Chase Credit Card Gas Purchases

Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Flex cards are offering 5% cash back on gas purchases in the Q3. Existing Chase Freedom and card holders of Chase Freedom Flex are eligible to earn 5% cash back on all purchases of gas from 1st July to 30th September.

Here’s everything you need to know about Chase Freedom and Freedom Flex credit cards’ Q3’s intriguing promotions.

Chase Freedom’s 5% Cash Back

Chase Freedom cards are popular for their quarterly 5% revolving cashback. For each quarter, Chase Freedom promotes 5% cashback on any specific category. Cash backs are available for up to $1000 worth of goods. This allows the users to get $50 – $75 to put back in their pocket every quarter.

buy gas with chase card

Existing Chase Freedom and Freedom Flex card holders can enjoy the 5% cash back on purchases of gas from 1st July to 30th September. It will surely help the cardholders to fight against the recent gas price hike. The cashback feature is available for existing cardholders only and is not applicable for new card applicants.

The 5% cash back is applicable for up to the expense of $1500 on gas. Apart from the cashback on gas expenses, both Freedom and Freedom Flex card holders can enjoy the cashback on expenses on car rentals, movies, and live entertainment venues.

If you are a recent applicant and got approved for the Chase Freedom Flex card, make sure to activate the revolving quarterly spending category cashback feature. 14th September 2022 is the last date to register for the Q3 cashback feature. No applicant will be approved for the Q3 cashback.

Chase Freedom Flex

Chase Freedom Flex credit card is one of the few zero annual fee credit cards which offers insane cashback. This is the ideal credit for people who wish to save money. It also has an intriguing promotion for the new cardholder, which is too good to resist.

New cardholders will be paid $200 back if they have spent $500 on purchasing anything in the first three months of their membership. This lucrative offer is valid for the first three months alone for the new card holder. After that, there will be a minimum of 5% cashback offers for all existing customers.

• For each quarter, there will be a category selected which can be seen in the Chase Freedom Category calendar. You can earn 5% cashback by spending on those categories in that quarter. You will earn 5% until the combined product worth is priced at more than $1500.
• Chase Ultimate Reward card portal lets you earn 5% cash back on travel purchases.
• 3% of purchases of food items, dining at restaurants, and other food services will be offered back.
• 3% cash for medicinal purchases made at a drugstore
• Finally, 1% cashback on all the purchases made without any limits or restrictions.

Using Chase Freedom Flex credit card offers several protections and insurances. It offers an extended warranty, cell phone protection, and purchase protection. It also offers trip interruptions and cancellation insurance, rental car insurance, credit score insurance, and fraud monitoring. There are also additional complementary, such as a free one-year subscription for Shop Runner.

Finally, if you are going to invest or spend a large amount, the Chase Freedom Flex credit card is the right fit for you. Because it has a 0% APR scheme as the introductory compliment to its customers for the first 15 months, this feature will be useful for you greatly if you want to buy a house, car, or any other similar huge investment.

Save Money On Gas

Fuel prices are so bullish in recent years and laid dirt on the Falcon rockets. Fuel prices are going to take on the skyrockets and reach the mars before they do. The situation is worsening, and the gas prices are constantly going high. With these credit cards, you can save 5% cashback on every purchase you make on gas.

Chase Freedom credit cards save a lot of money spent on gas through cashback and other incentives. But you have to make sure that the gas station you are using is eligible. Chase merchants state that only approved gas stations are eligible for this scheme. Some other places like boat marinas, truck stops, home heating companies, and oil and propane distributors are ineligible. So you have to make sure you are buying from an approved gas station.

Sometimes, the quarterly cashback scheme might be elongated. It can be available throughout the year. In those cases, each month, you can get a 5% cash back for every purchase worth $500. Also, note that it doesn’t matter what you buy. It matters where you buy from since the merchants are the deciding party that makes the purchases eligible for cashback.

So, buying gas at the pump is the best way to make the purchase eligible for the cashback. Saying that any purchase you make in the gas station is also eligible for the cashback policy.

Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Flex credit cards are the best credit cards in this situation. Amidst the rising prices and increasing inflation, gas prices seem to go even higher. We are already at an all-time high, and the trend is very strong. By using the 5% cashback policy, we can fight the increasing cost.

Also, there are countless other features that benefit users, such as 0% APR and a $200 cashback bonus. Unlike other credit cards, Chase’s reward offers 0% APR for the first 15 months since opening an account. This is highly beneficial for students and investors who plan on spending a huge chunk of money.

Also, if you spend $500 in the first three months, you will be paid back 40% of the total purchase value, which is equal to $200. There are also other exciting promotional offers that Chase Freedom and Freedom Flex credit offers. There will be a revolving quarterly promotional bonus on separate categories. This allows you to get benefited throughout the year. Get your Chase Freedom or Freedom Flex credit card now to enjoy its exciting offers.