American Express Centurion Card

About American Express Centurion Card

In the Washington Post there used to be a slogan that fits very well in the case of the Centurion Card too. The slogan read: If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. Certainly, there are some downsides to Centurion Card some of which are: a big sum of initiation fee, the amount of annual fees which rivals the lease of a luxury car. And the third happens to be a specific lack of bonuses for category spending.

But for the big spenders, the Centurion Credit Card can be worthy enough for every single of the million pennies covering only the initiation fee. There are many upsides to it which include every fair bit of helpful customer service, elite status of travel, memberships, and also credits for luxury outlets. The options for the redemption of lucrative points can offset the costs easily. But certainly, credits and perks can only have value to them when they come in a use to you.

American Express Centurion Card

Exclusivity is the main attraction of the Centurion Card which is expressed in many ways. If you are interested in delegating your traveling planning then, access to 24/7 concierge services shall be a big advantage. The task of giving gifts and also the services to the reservation shall be easy for you as well. Only the cardholders shall also be given the privileges for events that include celebrities from the culinary, entertainment, and also the sports arenas.

Although the criteria which are used for determining if you are eligible to apply are hazy. But it can safely be said that if you do not fall under the category of first-name basis with the representative of American Express then, it is different. In such a case probably, the Centurion Card shall not be within your zone of hitting the home run. The estimation of minimum spending in a year varies from $250,000 up to a million. But having said that, you can give it a try to make a request consideration online.

A thing to keep in mind is that from the Centurion you shall be able to get personal and business cards. If you are to choose, remember that you shall be able to receive much more valuable benefits from the business card. Airfare rebate is one of its notable aspects.

Earning the rewards

From the Centurion® Card of American Express, you shall be offered 1.5 points for each dollar, for making purchases of more than $5,000 (up to 1 million points in addition during each calendar year) and 1 point on each dollar on all other purchases that are eligible.

Redeeming the rewards

The most prominent perk of a business Centurion Card is being able to avail of a generous rebate of 5% on airfares, which are purchased using the Membership Reward Points. In this manner, you get a return rate of two-cent per dollar. It is higher than any other offers on cards given by American Express. Points that you shall earn making transactions over $5,000 shall redeem you 3% back. These bonuses are not applicable to personal Centurion Cards.

These reward points with American Express Membership are valuable for they are flexible. You shall even be able to redeem these points for various other reasons such as the gift cards in travel, restaurant, or retail categories as well. depending on the vendor, the rates shall vary in each of these cases.

Potential of rewards

As the profile of the American Express Centurion Card is not specific towards earning the points and the spending varies too so there lies a lot of value in the additional benefits as well. some of the different additional benefits that you can avail yourself are:

Equinox All Access Gym Membership

Clear membership for the cardholder and the family

Saks Fifth Avenue Credit

Hertz Platinum Status

Delta Platinum Medallion Status

Hilton Diamond Status

Other benefits of the card

Unique Designs of the Card

VIP services at the airport on arrival over 32 prime airports

Access to the airport lounge

Statuses of various hotels

Concierge of American Express
The concierge benefits from using the Centurion® Card of American Express are exceptional. It shall provide you with the best possible services. From the perspective of a customer, it is always a huge gain you shall find.

The Business Platinum Card vs The Centurion® Card

The cost of the Business Platinum Card© is $695 each year compared to the Centurion’s $5,000. In addition to that, you shall get plenty of other benefits as well.

But when you are using the Centurion, you shall get many other benefits in the manner of statuses. Through the use of the Centurion, you shall be allowed a larger sum of monthly expenditure than the Platinum. But while you try to redeem, you shall find the transfer of partners in the cases of both the cards being the same.

The Platinum Card vs The Centurion© Card

If you do not have the option for the Amex Business Platinum then you shall be able to have the Amex Platinum for a lower sum. It shall provide some similar benefits to that of a Business Platinum Card and also some unique benefits in addition to it as well. You shall be able to avail those benefits for a much lower fee which is $695. In fact, the Amex Platinum card gives similar benefits to that of The Centurion Card. If you can use the card strategically, you shall be able to use the benefits to your favor, especially in the case of airfare points rebates.

Is the card beneficial for you?
You may not find it to be of many benefits for you. The Centurion Card is for a very narrow market. You shall have only a little benefit from it. if you happen to be a high spender who chooses to have exclusive access and customer service of a higher grade then, in that case, the Centurion Card is just the right fit for your wallet.