You will work at Amazon one day


Amazon, the online monster that doesn’t go away. It is one scary beast that has shut down retail giants like Sears and Jc Penny from being the Kings of the retail times to a forgotten retail stores with no end in sight. Survival for Sears and Jc Penny is getting slimmer by the month, as profits are becoming smaller and costs are rising. It’s not their fault, who would have thought Amazon would come and take what was rightfully theirs at one time.

Amazon is slowly destroying the enjoyment of actually shopping at stores to the brink of complete history. In the next few years, Sears most likely will be gone, Jc Penny will either still have some stores open or meet the same faith as Sears. As more and more retailers are feeling the pinch of Amazon, when there wont be more stores to apply for, where will you go?
Amazon will become the only place to apply if you a student or a college student trying to pay your bills. Imagine a hiring monopoly, where with lack of competition, you work and do what Amazon tells you since there aren’t many retailers out there for you to choose from. That will become as more Amazon Distribution sites open up as they keep growing and cleaning out more retailers every year. Walmart is one grocery retailer that will stay strong and continue the fight with Amazon, but as the heavy hitters go against each other, most other retailers will fade away like a distant memory.

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