Web hosting your site

Hosting your business online.

If you are getting a business online, hosting is the most important thing you need to keep your website running online; it’s the life line for your site. Though you can create your business website through platforms like WordPress, however, when you are looking for a hosting provider, it needs to be a host that has very good rating, highly reliable and expertise in the field. They also should prove 24/7 technical support via phone, online ticketing system, or online chatting services. Here are the ones I know that have been around for a long time. ALWAYS, ask questions you might have with the site compatibility, security, and updates that is required for your site and the systems. There are also different versions of the hosting you would like, virtual private server, dedicated service, or shared hosting, you can always ask the hosting company which one you would like. Or you can go for the WordPress CRM plugins.

Some companies that I have seen good reviews are as follows.
1. Hostgator, they are cheap, affordable and have been in the hosting business for a long time.
2. Godaddy hosting, they are pretty reliable and again, been around for a while.
3. Hostmonster, very easy control panel to use, ask questions that you may have with their support.
4. Bluehost, good hosting company, but like I said, do your research. Check out Server courses in singapore.

There are many other hosting companies, do your own research via google and figure out what works and what doesn’t.