The Challenges of a Trump Presidency

With elections fast approaching, political parties are expected to conduct party primaries in picking party flag bearers. The process is expected to be free, fair and should accommodate the needs of all candidates. In most cases, those who lose in the party primaries are tempted to jump ship and seek election in other parties. The case is not different in the United States elections, which is expected to be held later next year. For example, Republican National Committee is working on measures in ensuring the party remains united even after nominations. The party candidates, including Donald Trump, are expected to take an oath that they will not decamp in the event that they don’t clinch party ticket. Observers believe this provision is set out to tame Trump, who may shift his focus to getting his name on the ballot.
Effects of the pledge
In the Republican Party, Trump is viewed as a front-runner, and it is reported that on many occasions, he has threatened to vie for the presidency as a third-party candidate. In the event this happens, cracks appearing in the party hierarchy and loyalty will shift from the party. In the pledge, the candidates are expected to affirm that if they do not win the party nominations, they will support the party flag bearer, and they will not vie as a third-party candidate. Reince Priebus, who is the chair of the Republican National Committee, is expected to meet Trump over the issues.
According to his handlers and campaign team, Trump is expected to address the issue by holding a press conference in New York‘s Trump Tower. By the time of going to the process, details about the planned conference were still scanty. Numerous requests for comment were not responded to by the team. It opened a window for speculation on the possible turn of events. The relationship between Trump and Republican National Committee has not been exciting since he declared the interest in running for president on the party ticket.
The presidency and the economy
Trump has stood out as a great businessman who has built very successful business empires that are enviable. It is important to note that as much as Trump may have some negative attributes, all other candidates would have a trace or two. It would not be prudent to focus on the negative rather concentrate on the positives.
As a businessman, Trump has honed his negotiations skills with other business leaders or nations. These, therefore, mean that Trump would have more necessary connections than all the other candidates in the presidential race. He will be better placed to make informed decisions with the help of his economic advisers that would the American economy forward. Therefore, analysts find Trump to be good for business.
He exhibits confidence and a dominant personality. It is a magnificent attribute as a politician since it would help him to be in control of situations. It means he can lobby and fight for the rights of the Americans without any due interference from other nations. Leaders with less confidence would not stand up and defend their people even when their business opportunities are eroded.
On the contrary, there are certain things about Trump, which may cost him the presidency. In the past, he has been reported to make statements with racial undertones. It is even said he has gone forward and posted the messages on his Twitter account. He suggested that black and Latino are majorly involved in crimes in the central cities across the USA. It is reported that he went further and questioned whether President Obama was a Muslim. This kind of statements may not hold the American state together and may affect the diplomatic relations with other countries. The result may be an economy not strong enough to withstand the challenges.