Start your business online with a domain name

I am all about helping new comers who want to start in the online business of any king so TODAY! I will get you going step by step and posted separately as time goes on how to start a online business.
If you ever want to start a retail business online or any kind of business online, you need a domain name to connect your customers with. Domain name is required to get the business online listed. Always make sure the domain name is related to the business you are trying to start or close to it. It is very important and can make or break your business, just depends on what you do with it. Where to register your domain is important, since you will be renewing your domains yearly. If you forget to renew, your domain will go into a grace period where you still have a chance to renew it, after the grace period, it is good as gone or gone in the aftermarket domain drop catchers such as,, and many others, so make sure to renew your domain, it’s important. There are many places to register your domain name and many companies that offer that service, here are my favorite registrars that I believe are solid.
[sc:adsense], It has been around for a long time, only downside is it’s a huge company but service was it is good., Wonderful company, great domain panel, it is user friendly and not that complicated to use, solid company that I recommend., Another really good registrar that I recommend, their domain panel is easy and a fabulous company.