Minimum Wage Fight for McDonald’s

Many Democratic presidential candidates 2020 on Thursday wretched the fast food giant
McDonald’s for paying substandard wages to its workers.

The White House is hopeful for this subject including Jay Inslee, Julian Castro, Bernie
Sanders and Bill de Blasio joined some demonstrations by all workers in the thirteen cities
are targeting the most powerful restaurant chain in the world over the wages as well as
working conditions.
The presidential candidates and protestors called on the Chicago-headquartered popular
company to pay its workers a minimum wage at least $15 per hour. They also suggest this
company to take some aggressive action in the sexual harassment confrontation and other
types of assaults on workers.

Inslee ripped the CEO of McDonald Steve Easterbrook who has successfully made $21.8
million in 2017 and $15.9 million in 2018 for short-changing the workers of the company.
Individuals with a thought that there is no money in these corporations to pay for enough
wages must look at this corporation as the CEO last year made 2100 times the median wage
of working individuals for the company.

The Washington Governor and 2020 Democratic is hopeful about the joined demonstration
before the headquarter of McDonald in Chicago. This is unsustainable and unjust. Anyone
can't tell about it is right which you cannot give individuals pay raise when the CEO gets
money in an hour as the normal worker earn in one year. This system must be changed.
Sen. Bernie Sanders held a video forum with the McDonald’s workers Thursday and took this
issue to Twitter subsequent to his meeting to note the Amazon retailer last year raised its
minimum wage to $15. This company is also questioned why McDonald paid its CEO $22
million and cannot pay a living wage to its workers.

Kristen Gillibrand criticized that McDonald in the Dallas Morning-News op-ed. She wrote
about it as unacceptable that the company which is very profitable as McDonald’s and refuse
to get franchisees to pay its workers at least $15 per hour.

McDonald’s did not respond to the criticism from the presidential candidates. The
corporation of the McDonald does not control the overall wage franchisees pay for their own
restaurants. This company said that the average starting wage at the restaurant owned by the
corporate exceeds $10 per hour. However, many people in this company believe that the
average starting wage from independent business owners is likely similar. McDonald’s
identifies the overall rights under the law of every individual employee to select and join or
not to join the labor organizations.

Nearly, the overall Democratic field has supported raising the federal minimum wage which
currently sits at $7.25 to $15 per hour. Many States like Connecticut, California, Illionois,
New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland and New York have successfully passed the laws need
a $15 minimum wage which would be in place by 2025 or earlier. McDonald’s announced
that the company will be lobby against the hike of the minimum wage no longer at the state
as well as federal level.