Learn new skills in a weak retail market

Unless you have been living under a rock, the retail job market has been shrinking for years from cutting hours to removing positions that used to be plenty as automation is coming faster than it needs to be. Most retailers are closing shops including Sears, Jc Penny, K mart as Amazon and other online retailers take percentage of business that was for retail stores only. In any case, times are changing and you must change with it. As lack of hours effect everyone in the retail sector, new skills will be needed to survive.
If you are interested in any other field besides retail, I suggest start learning new skills to either get a second job, or just in case, things start looking bleak for the position you are in. You must be ready for worst case scenarios as more retailers are closing up stores faster than you would think. It is time to think ahead and not wait til they think for you by cutting hours or cutting your position all together.