Good Things Come in Small Packages – Niche is Going Mainstream

There has been a steady climb in Retail Buyers (across all categories including kids/baby/toys) seeking out products from suppliers and brands that associated with small production and unique products. Search trends also indicate that retailers are veering away from high inventory and stocking smaller quantities to fit the trend toward curated stock
• “drop shipping” up 65%
• handcrafted up 46%
• handmade up 35%
• bespoke up 27%
Alt Food
Consumer demand for natural and healthy ingredients has motivated the fastest growing trend in the food industry in 2017: Plant-Based Diets.
• Retailers are trying to meet demand and interest in growing variety of diets including related terms which grew by 75%
• Consumer interest in alternative versions of traditional food and ingredients is expected to continue through to 2018, with the greatest interest in:
o Fruit-based BBQ sauces and Ketchups
o “Rice ice cream” and “rice concentrate”
o Cricket Flour
o Seaweed pasta
o Coconut Jerky
o Plant-based meat
The PreFix Menu of Beauty and Skincare
Keywords typically associated with the health and nutrition are entering the beauty lexicon, in fact, top buyer searches in the beauty category are beginning to read like a list of kitchen ingredients.
• Vegan
• Goat Milk
• Salmon Oil
• Jojoba Oil
• Manuka honey
• Micellar water
• Biome-friendly (probiotics)
Blurring Lines in Pets
Kids and Babies product trends were informative to shape the pet industry in 2017 and will continue to do so in 2018. Expect keywords and trends in human food take a leading role in setting trends in the Pet category for 2018, for example, buyer searches for “pet supplements” grew by 60% followed by interest in “pet probiotics” and “pet superfood”.

Expect pets, dogs specifically, to become foodies as we see snack foods for our furry friends mirror those items and ingredients that are their human owners favorite with top searches including.
• Snacks: Jerky, Chips, and Bonbons
• Dog Terrine
• Dog beer
• Dog frozen yogurt