Best Point of Sale Systems in the Market Today

If you manage a retail based business then you have probably heard a great deal about the point of sale software systems and you may be wondering whether you should invest in one for your store and restaurant. There are many different points of sale systems available on the market today but before you begin the process of deciding that one will work best for your business. You have to understand what point of sale systems are and as well as the benefits they will be able to offer your company.
The point of sale system is comprised of several different components that work in process customer transactions. The ideal point of sale system will allow customers to pay for goods and services quickly. They can actually collect valuable data that will give your business a greater chance at success.
The best small business point of sale systems:
Are you looking for a point of sale system for your small business? This article lists out the best point of sale systems for small businesses. Use this information to choose the system that will fit your needs.
A point of sale is an integral part of your retail business. It will help you to track and record sales but a good system will also speed up your everyday tasks. It should contribute to a better customer experience.
Costs – setup, payment processing, equipment, software, etc.
Security – protection of your customer data
Ease of use
Mobility – depending on your business type and you can accept payments
Features – inventory management, loyalty programs and reporting and so on.
Light speed is a popular cloud-based point of sale software. It will be used for a variety of different retail businesses from the apparel to electronics. It runs on any connected device like Mac, iPad or PC. This will allow your employees to be mobile in the store. Light speed is stacked full of features that include inventory, management, wireless cash drawer, customer relationship management and advanced reporting. Lightspeed will integrate with your accounting and e-commerce systems to streamline your entire business.
Shopify point of sale:
Shopify is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms available. They will offer their own point of sale system. If you are selling online through Shopify then their point of sale system will be best for you. Shopify point of sale system is an app for your iPhone, iPad and android devices.
Users can add card readers, cash drawers, and barcode scanners. Pricing will be not readily available on site. It is noted that credit card rates are also low.
Vend is a cloud-based point of sale system that works on iPad, Mac, and PC. They also offer their own e-commerce system that can easily integrate with the point of sale system. The features include inventory management, accepts NFC payments, build custom loyalty programs, staffing and scheduling and accounting integration. Vend will work with a variety of hardware and you may even already own.
Additional registers can be purchased on a monthly rate and you can also purchase priority phone support. Vend is one of the most popular points of sale systems and it will surely meet most of your needs.
Revel system is an iPad-based point of sale system towards a variety of business types from the retail to the enterprise. They will offer their own e-commerce platform. Hardware includes iPad, barcode scanners, cash drawers, and printers. If you are looking for an iPad point of sale system then revel is a newer point of sale system.