Ever increasing possibilities for a partial shutdown in the USA

The President Donald Trump’s Five Billion Dollars wall funds related fight deepened Monday and increased possibility of a partial government shutdown that becomes common in Washington.

The President signs the annual appropriation bills passed by the House and Senate to make them law. On the other hand, the shutdown scenario raises the question over such bills. A partial shutdown could occur and disrupt the government operations. This is because thousands of government employees have to work without pay over the upcoming holiday season. The cost of these expenses would be in billions of dollars beyond doubt.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Spokeswoman said that Trump meets his team on a regular basis and get the latest updates. Trump tweeted Monday with an aim to keep up the pressure. Sen. John Thune of South Dakota said that this situation requires a few years hereafter to get a solution.

The President insists on $5 billion for the wall which is along the southern border with Mexico. However, he does not get votes from the Congress led by Republican to support this project. The democrats are giving continuous funding at current levels for fencing and other border security issues rather than the wall.

There is no clear idea about total number of House Republicans relinquish the power to House Democrats to accept this project. Nobody makes any compromise on the substantial investment in the overall integrity of the border of the nation.