Bitcoins anyone?


Bit coins are quickly becoming the leading form of cryptocurrency on the market today. They are currently worth about $900 in today’s market. The market wasn’t always like this, though. Before the inception of ASIC USB mining hardware people had to use the GPU of their computer’s video card in order to procure bit coins. Once the hardware performs the necessary functions to acquire a bit coin the user has access to it via their bit coin wallet.

This bit coin can then be exchanged for cash, or it can be used to buy goods off of the internet. A growing number of people are trying to mine bit coins in order to make a huge profit and this has made the difficulty for finding bit coins a lot harder. People are still trying to make it rich by mining them in groups, called pools, because it increases the chances that a person has in order to find a coin. Bit coins are considered the gold standard of online currency that is available for procurement online. There have been many other coins that have sprouted up after the big ASIC device implementation was established. Bit coins will be around for a long time.

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